Chess educational materials.

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Chess bases in our site are available in the following formats:
  1. CDB - own format (starting from the 1.2.4 version);
  2. PGN format.
The aim of this project is chess training. The following type of the educational material will be posted on this page:
All the materials are divided into 3 groups:
  1. For beginners;
  2. For intermediate level;
  3. For advanced level.

1. For beginners

"The manual of chess combinations - Volume I" by S. Ivashenko ( CDB )

More than 1000 chess problems at of the different levels of complexity, beginning from the most simple! The tasks gradually become more complex. Problem book is ideal for someone who wants to learn from scratch to play chess (including children from 6 years), and for people who already have some playing experience. This book also can be useful by the advanced players, if you want to stretch a little (not overloading), the brain before the game, interviews, competitions, etc., these problems - perfect choise!

Bruce Pandolfini "Beginning chess" ( CDB )

N. M. Kalinichenko "Encyclopedia of Chess Combinations" ( CDB )

Combinational vision and abilities of calculating all the variations are the basic ways which lead to success in chess... The book contains many exercises based on a practical experience. And they are gathered in such way, that the following exercises are more complicated than the previous ones. These exercises can be used by all chessplayers for training on their own.

J. H. Blake - Chess Endings for Beginners ( CDB )

NOTE: Turn History "off" to work with these examples like with the problems.

Laszlo Polgar "5334 Problems, Combinations, and Games" ( CDB )

László Polgár is a Hungarian chess teacher whose writing and strategies are respected and known worldwide. He coaches his daughters, the Polgár Sisters, who have won several world championships.

2. For intermediate level

"The manual of chess combinations - Volume II" by S. Ivashenko ( CDB )

Wilson & Alberston - 303 Tricky Checkmates ( CDB )

Wilson & Albertson - 303 Tricky Chess Tactics ( CDB )

Irving Chernev "Winning chess traps" ( CDB )

Sukhin "1000 Most Famous Chess Combinations" ( CDB )

1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations ( CDB )

Martin Weteschnik "School of Elementary Tactics" ( CDB )

Ulrich Haug's collection of tactical test positions ( CDB )

Eduardo Sadier "The Art of Direct Mate in Two Moves" ( CDB )

136845 interesting "mate in 2" problems!

Already during many years I collect Mate in 2 problems. In the beginning I cut them from newspapers and magazines and I kept using  specific software (Problemiste, MatPlus, etc). As known, these problems are positions of  pieces on the board, where the white ones must play and make one (key)move, that – in spite of the best defensive moves of black - leads to checkmate on the second move.

Quiet moves that lead to mate! ( CDB )

Updated! +300 positions with quiet moves that lead to mate! Collected by Thanks for that expanded contribution!

Tactic Training Database by Claude Kabers ( CDB )

The exercises in this base direct on perfection of tactical skill.

Lou Hays, John Hall "Combination Challenge" ( CDB )

Chess puzzles from the most famoust chess champions and grandmasters from ( PGN )

Thanks to Sergey Barinov (sbarinov) for idea and material.

IMPORTANT: These puzzles do not have solution inside. Just select the opponent=engine (not human!) with level > 4.

Siegbert Tarrasch, "Das Schachspiel". Systematisches Lehrbuch~für Anfänger und Geübte

Adapted for pbchess
Language: Deutch

Yakov Neishtadt "Chess training"

The best advice for chess players who want to improve quickly is: get better at tactics! Because the vast majority of amateur games is decided through tactics you will immediately start beating more opponents when you improve your tactical skills. This book presents more than 700 decisive combinations from tournament practice and is a self-tutor and a sparring-partner in one. Experienced Russian chess master Yakov Neishtadt has selected those examples that have the biggest instructional value for club players.

IM Silman ( "The Misunderstood Knight Fork" ( CDB )

IM Silman ( "The Dreaded Discovered Attack" ( CDB )

3. For anvanced level

Great games from 1851 to 2011 annotated in English ( CDB )

Pearls from chess history, annotated in English, Italian and Spanish