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Benefits of registration

Try before buy

Please, try this program before buy it.

Device serial number

I need your device serial number to generate the license key for you.

To get it you should:

  1. Start the Chess application
  2. Navigate to MENU-Settings-Registration.

Discounts and proposals

Get the second license for free

After purchase of the first license you can get the second license key for free. E.g. you've purchased the Android-version. You can get a license key for Windows or Linux or eReader etc.

Please submit the registration form for the second license key (see notes below).

Important notes:

Registration with payment through Google Play

This method works only for Android version of pbchess, installed from Google Play. Just click the "Buy" button in the program to register it!

Registration with payment through Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Google pay, Apple pay, etc

Sorry for inconvenience. Our payment processing system doesn't work now.

BUT! The only option is to buy my app "Chess - tactics and strategy" on the Google Play or Apple App Store (iOS) or Apple App Store (Mac) or Windows Store and ...

... get the second license for your e-reader or Linux or anything else for free!

Contact me if any questions.

Registration with payment via Bitcoin

We accept bitcoins (BTC) and altcoins (LTC, ETH, DASH, etc). Price is 5$. But as soon as exchange rate is not fixed please first email me me what currency will you use for payment. And I will provide my wallet address and amount to pay.

Complete the registration process

  1. Start the Chess application.
  2. Navigate to MENU-Settings-Registration
  3. Enter your license key (e.g. 53f41e9ad2).
  4. Click "Ok" button.

Restore the license

Sometimes after re-installing your OS (Windows, Linux, OSX) or re-flashing your gadget (Android) your license key is not working any more. There is absolutely nothing to worry about.

All you need is to submit new registration form using THIS LINK.

You need to enter YOUR NEW serial number. In the remark field please specify your old license key to confirm your previous purchase.

I assume that people re-install their OS and re-flash their gadgets not very frequently.