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Estimate your chess tactical skills!

What is online tactics?

Online tactics is one huge database of tactical chess problems. All the users are working with this database online. This allows you to get an objective user's tactical skills against other users.

How does it work?

Each user and each problem has it's own rating.

My results

You can see your results (your rating and you place among others) HERE. And your can see your progress graph after clicking on your name in the list.

How to begin?

It's very easy:

  1. Install the program
  2. Run it
  3. MENU - Online - Tactics
  4. Enter your name and password (see below)

How can I get my user name and password?

For the first start you can enter any user name and any password (length should be more than 4 chars). If this user name already exists in our database then the program should write "Incorrect password". Try another user name in this case.

Please remember your user name and password!

Problems are to difficult or absolutely not difficult?

The server takes an appropriate problem for you automatically. But you should pass about 5-10 problems in order to allow the server find out your actual rating.

I've found an error in the problem!

Nothing is perfect. I take problems from the various sources. And the number of the problems is to big to allow me test each. I plan to implement the "rate problem" button to allow my users report bad problems.

You should train every day!

You can't achive more or less significant results for the several days of even for the week. You should train avery day and solve 5-10 problems daily. If you've made an error then you should find the correct answer anyway!